Diagnostic Tests Offered at Our Facility in Lexington

The Pain Treatment Center of the Bluegrass offers many different diagnostic tests at our Lexington area facility. We have advanced equipment here at our Center that is capable of performing most tests that we may need. Diagnostic testing helps us with treatment planning and overall pain management care. Your physician will advise you whether diagnostic testing will be needed for your situation.

Diagnostic Testing

Our diagnostic testing uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide us with the best possible information on which to base our treatments. We employ the following at our Center:


Computed tomography: Routine spine and head CT scans, post-myelogram CT, and post-discogram CT scans are performed.

X-ray: Routine X-rays are performed.

DEXA: Scans are performed to assess bone density.

Electrocardiograms: Routine EKGs are performed.


MRI studies

If the MRI facility gives you a disc with your MRI on it, please bring it to your next appointment so your physician may review the study. At the end of your appointment, please remember to take your disc with you.

Imaging reports and copies of your study

Please call ahead to Medical Records at extension 253. You will need to submit a Medical Records Release/Request of Information before you can receive your report. Please remember results can take several business days depending on the type of diagnostic exam. A CD can be made of your exam if another physician needs to review it.

Test results

The diagnostic staff does not give out test results to patients. Your physician will inform you of your testing results at your next scheduled visit.

Get in touch to learn more about diagnostic testing.

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