Physical Therapy

The Pain Treatment Center of the Bluegrass is proud to include physical therapy as part of the pain management approach. Not only do our patients receive pain treatment from knowledgeable physicians, but they are also paired with a physical therapist through our partnership with ApexNetwork Physical Therapy to enhance the results whenever possible. Patients learn simple exercises and strategies they can use at home in their daily activities to make a difference in their overall quality of life.

Physical Therapy

In order to provide the most comprehensive and updated therapy possible, we partner with the experts at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy. Their techniques are designed to help patients strengthen their bodies and allow them to better manage pain with any current injury or issue they may be experiencing. The ApexNetwork team is highly trained in these specific areas, and they are dedicated to providing useable strategies that help with day-to-day living.

The approach to physical therapy:

  • Emphasis on simple and quick exercises and activities you can do on your own and without expensive equipment, plus offer techniques to help control pain.
  • There is a heavy emphasis on common sense body mechanics and self-treatment strategies.
  • Focus on functional movement patterns to help you live your life with less pain and less effort.
  • The PT program typically requires far fewer visits than the average, which saves you time and money.

To learn more, contact ApexNetwork Physical Therapy today!